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Signature Plus II Upright Vacuum With Handheld

Signature Plus II Upright Vacuum

Signature Plus II Upright Vacuum

I purchased this Oreck signature plus vacuum a couple of months ago, And I can honestly say I couldn't be happier. This vacuum picks up everything and it's soooo lightweight, Which is great if you have to carry it up and down the stairs. The vacuum bag itself is extra-large which is wonderful, Because it can hold a lot. I still haven't had to change the bag! Less bag changes, less money. But the great part about this combo purchase is that it comes with a six-month supply of bags For the vacuum itself and a seven month supply for the hand held. The handheld is also super-powerful and wonderful for hardwood staircases, curtains, and even the car! I also have a Rainbow Vacum, Which really is a wonderful vacuum, (and it should be for $2000) But it can be a little heavy and a bit cumbersome to lug around, Which is why I wanted a lighter weight vacuum to just use every now and again, But honestly, I haven't even used the rainbow since I got the Oreck. I do need to mention however, that different floor surfaces affect the pushing power differently of the Vacuum. We have hardwood floors downstairs and carpet Upstairs in the bedrooms. Its extremely easy to push and maneuver around on Hardwood Floor surfaces. The carpet in the bedrooms is also very easy to vacuum without any problems, as it's low pile carpet. However, for people such as myself with hardwood floors who also have thick area rugs throughout, such as in the living and dining rooms, It can be a little difficult to push over those carpet surfaces, as that particular carpet pile is much thicker and more dense and the vacuum roller is very close to the floor. I happen to like that because I know it's going to pick up everything, and it does! But just keep that in mind for those who have thick area rugs or very dense, high pile carpet. I personally a'm okay with it, as i have no major back problems and being that I'm so happy with the performance of the vacuum itself. So if you don't have a lot of Dense, high pile carpet throughout your home, I'm sure you'll be very happy with the ease and performance of this vacuum. It far exceeded my expectations, and has now become my number one, go-to vacuum. Great product, great price, Love it!

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  1. I purchased the Oreck XL Signature II From Oreck, b/c it was on sale, with the handheld attachment vac, as well as the car vac.

    This is a great upright. It really cleans deep and well, carpet and floor. One button, one speed, all you need. Goes from carpet to floor without having to push any other buttons. It really does the job. I have a lot of pets and it really gets the hair out of the carpet, I don't have to vacuum twice a day anymore, but I have to say that I enjoy vacuuming, so I still do it twice a day. I find it very lightweight, which is great because I have a bad back and nerve damage.

    The handheld vac can be strapped on like one of those messenger bags. Again, it's got great attachments, great suction and is lightweight. The cords on both the upright and the handheld are extremely long, so I don't have to unplug anything. I can vacuum my entire ranch being plugged into one outlet. Stellar!! Epic!!

    The car vac is really awesome, too. Gets the job done in the truck, picks up sand, little papers, or anything that might fall on the floor of the truck, with ease. I like keeping my truck clean but I do go to the beach a lot, so sand is always an issue. I do not have to shake out the mats anymore, I just use the Oreck Car Vac.

    I highly recommend the Oreck vacuum, the hand held vac and the car vac for anyone who doesn't want to have a heavy vacuum to lug around. Great suction, really cleans the rugs and floors, and is narrow enough to get in between the side of the toilet, where there is tiles on each side. In the past, I had to use attachments on my other vacuum to get in there, as my other vacuum was very wide.

    The best feature yet, is that the upright literally can flatten to vacuum under a bed or a couch. It really flattens. My bed is 8 inches off the floor and I could never vacuum under there with the other vacuum, without having to move the bed, which is tough when you have back/nerve problems.

    Highly recommend!

  2. Great, wife love it, especially the multiple speed option for carpet and non-carpet surfaces. Keep this one downstairs and move the old Oreck upstairs.

  3. Ernestine Acevedo22 Desember 2013 04.32

    great suction..i have 4 kids and 1 dog and 1 cat...i have carpet, stairs and hardwood and tile throught i just love the ease and lightweight use!!..also the price..costco just had $60 off of theirs set!!! so i really lucked out but its worth it! the hand canister is great for everyday quick clean ups ..when the kids spill the cheerios or crumbs...or dog hair!
    love love it!!!