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Wonderful processor, even though I don't have all the parts

Cuisinart DLC 2007N 7 Cup Processor White

Cuisinart DLC 2007N 7 Cup Processor White

I'd never used a food processor...the very idea intimidated me. And I thought that you had to be making large quantities to use one. Then I saw this 7 cup Cuisinart...small enough for small families. I started reading reviews...everyone else seem to love it too, so I decided to buy it. Someone would complain that that they liked it but it didn't cut french fries...someone else replied, "buy the french fry cutter disc"...so I added that one. Read that it didn't do something else, and a reply "buy that disc"...so I added that one too. By the time I'd read all the reviews, I'd added every disc made for it! So naturally I had to have the plastic disc storage boxes too. Now I was ready to learn how to use it.

I watched the DVD that came with it...something I've never done with any other product, but glad I did and something I highly recommend doing if you're not an experienced user, because a major portion of it is a chef demonstrating how to make half a dozen of the recipes in the instruction book, so you get to see how to do various tasks.

Cutting to chase here, at the tender young age of 70 I'm learning to use a food processor and loving it! This Cuisinart is well made and easy to learn how to use, and produces reasonable size amounts. And I MIGHT actually find a use for ALL those extra discs if I live long enough!

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  1. I did a lot of research before buying this food processor and it is awesome! It has everything I wanted and was on sale during Black Friday for a great price (~$100). It is super powerful and comes with a ten year warranty on the motor which is fantastic. There is another 7-cup Cuisinart model that is very similar to this one that has a slightly less powerful motor - I got this 2007N version with the more powerful motor because it had a longer warranty on the motor than the other model (10 yr vs 3 yr). The how-to DVD comes with it and is really helpful if you've never used a food processor. The 7-cup size bowl is perfect for me, it's only a little small when I need to double a baking recipe so in that case I have to do two batches. But otherwise I only cook for 2 people and the bowl size is more than adequate.

    Also some reviews have mentioned the weird bowl latch, and it is kind of finicky. I've found that if the pusher mechanism won't lock in place then you just have to re-lock the bowl and lid into place correctly and then it works fine. It's really not that big of an annoyance since you can just re-twist the bowl and lid in a matter of seconds. It's definitely not something that makes me upset I bought the machine.

    The only thing that I would have liked is some kind of holder for the sharp blades. I didn't think of this when I bought it and now I have the sharp blades wrapped and stored in a drawer which isn't the best long-term solution. I've since looked and there is a separate holder you can buy for the blades, I just wish I had thought of it at the time so I had somewhere to put the blades now - something to consider if you are planning on buying a food processor and like me didn't think of storage for all the parts.

    Basically it's great and I will be using this machine all the time.

  2. Ramona Gonzalez12 November 2011 04.32

    I just love this food processor. I have been waiting a long time to purchase a food processor. I had another cheaper brand food processor, and it was just terrible. This Cuisinart is just perfect. I will use it often I am sure. Consumer reports rates this right up there at the top, and it certainly is. The 7-cup size is just perfect for a family of two now. Glad I purchased this great processor.

  3. I considered buying it based on Consumer Reports recommendation. I had also read the reviews here. Reviews were all good so I went ahead and bought it! We are very happy with our purchase. We have had it now for over a year and it has worked flawlessly. It is quite powerful and for our small family it is the right size.

    The instructional DVD that came with it was very helpful. It saved us from reading any bulky manuals -- I wish all appliance makers would do it. It may seem a bit expensive but that extra money is worth the super quite operation and a motor that works without a sweat. I strongly recommend it to others.

  4. We chose this model because we don't want to move really heavy appliances around on the countertop, but the mini-choppers are too small for our recipes. The 2007 weighs about 13 pounds and uses the same wattage motor and most of the same disks as the 11-cup model in this line, although it lacks the extra slow-speed control button for dough processing, and it uses the old-style plastic dough blade. (In this size, it's probably a pie-crust dough maker, not a bread dough maker, anyway.) It's the biggest motor we found on a food processor this size. Good stuff:Easy wipe-clean base--no crevices to catch food. Hurray!Stable and relatively quiet during use.Easy top-rack dishwasher clean-up (power-saver no-heat drying)Easy to add small (or liquid) ingredients during processing. Small inner pusher piece is removable, giving access to a small feed tube. There's also a drip hole for liquids in the bottom of the small pusher piece.Not so good stuff:Very fiddly mechanism for locking down the workbowl before processing. The large outer pusher piece, that goes into the main feed tube, has a metal rod that pushes down another rod on the lid, that pushes down another rod on the bowl, that finally pushes a control on the base. If you have to remove the large pusher to add more big stuff to the bowl, the mechanism stops. Probably just as well, since a child's hand could easily fit through the large main feed tube. I do wonder how sturdy the locking mechanism will be in the long run, but so far, so good.

  5. Bought this mainly for preparing baby food. But have used it for sooooo many other things. Easy to use. Easy to clean, and easy to reassemble. Would recommend this product to anyone who's looking for a quality food processor.