Senin, 21 Maret 2011

A Perfect Replacement for the Original Dyson Roller Brush

Roller Brush Dyson DC07 Vacuum

Roller Brush Dyson DC07 Vacuum

This is a roller brush replacement for the Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner. I purchased the DC07 Animal vacuum from my local Goodwill and its motor was in great shape but the hoses were ripped on the webbing and the roller brush was completely wrapped with the previous owner's hair. This item arrived brand new and is not the Dyson OEM but an aftermarket part. After removing the clutch belt from the original roller brush and cleaning up the plastic a bit, I installed this without any troubles (and I didn't use one of the special belt holding tools or anything, just stretched the belt myself) and it worked perfectly after install. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to replace their DC07 roller brush.

- Works perfectly and is exactly as described.

- None. This was a perfect fit and works perfectly.

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  1. I have a dyson vacuum cleaner, model DC07. I took off the bottom yellow piece that houses the beater brush and the brush came out on one side. I struggled to get it in and I finally did and put everything back together but now its not sucking up the nap on my carpet, i am getting lines from the wheels. I tried looking for blockages and there isnt any. Filter is clean, as is the part that the dust accumulates. I've taken it apart a couple of times now to see if I maybe put the brush roller thing on wrong. It seems like there is only one way it goes in. The housing is also on right. I love my dyson but I am having company soon and I need the thing to work! What else can I try?

  2. I vacuum every day, and it seems like no matter what I do, the pet hair is everywhere. I have a cat, and a dog ( and no I'm not getting rid of them :)