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Fantastic Deep Cleaner Helps With Pet Accidents!

BISSELL DeepClean Lift Off Upright 24A4

BISSELL DeepClean Lift Off Upright 24A4

Some less expensive carpet cleaners have only one tank, but this cleaner has a tank for clean water and one for the dirty water. Surprisingly the tank for the clean water is considerably smaller than the tank for the dirty water. Since no cleaner picks up all the water, it seems to me they should have made the tank for the clean water larger.

I assembled the cleaner by myself and it was fairly simple. First I cleaned an upstairs bedroom, and it did a great job. Clean carpets look great and even smell good! Then I carried the cleaner downstairs and removed the lift off tank and cleaned my stairs. This too was easily done.

I didn't add the cleaner provided to the water. I simply put in a little white vinegar since I don't feel you really need the cleaning products. I used a small amount of the Pretreat product for a small stain and it removed the stain completely. I am very satisfied with this cleaner.

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  1. The Bissell Deep Clean Lift Off Deluxe Pet Upright Deep Cleaner was very easy to put together and use. I was surprised at how simple it was to completely assemble. You load your water and soap into their compartments and then start using it. It did have attachments for a deeper clean and it does the job since it's made for pet stains. Since I have a lot of pets and a small child, my carpets were a mess and they look great after using this. Overall it worked very well.

  2. I have owned about 6-7 different carpet cleaners/steamvac(same thing) ranging from bissell to hoover to those rug doctors. I am in LOVE with this one. I wrote a good review for a bissell that costed almost $300, i went back and changed it after using this one!! I've never used a carpet cleaner as good as this one. The suction power is tremendous, especially with the handheld cleaner. I used it to clean a suede-ish material recliner yesterday and WOW. I've used two other steam cleaners to clean this same recliner, but this one blew the other two out of the water. The other two cleaners would leave a lot of water behind, making the couch pretty ugly looking for awhile, and the water would saturate in the material and i just knew it wasn't getting cleaned the way i would've liked. But hey it was better than it was before, is how i saw it.
    This cleaner you saw instant results. It sucked out nearly all the water it had put in and the recliner looks brand new!

    THe feature that blew my socks off was how the tank detaches from the base. You press a tab, it releases, then you can carry the tank anywhere you'd like, without hauling the entire upright cleaner. The pictures on the product page do a good job of showing you what i'm talking about. I did not feel it was too heavy to carry, and it was so convenient! I can carry it out to clean my car without lugging the whole darn thing and it can rest on a seat, so i get more slack out of the hose to clean a wider area without having to move it as i go along.

    I would highly recommend this cleaner above any other to all. It is so easy to use and does the best job ive ever seen a steam cleaner do. 5 stars all the way!!!

  3. Andrea Holloway11 Oktober 2011 03.32

    I have an apartment in a senior citizen's complex, and this cleaner is a life saver for inspection time enabling me to clean the carpet myself rather than paying for a company doing the cleaning. This was easy to assemble. I do have a light weight cleaner which works for in between times, but this heavier one is right for the two times a year inspection. Highly recommended.

  4. We have two cats and a dog in a small carpeted apartment. We also work 10 hour days. Our pets have accidents and sometimes get sick. A carpet cleaner is a necessity. We were using a much older and cheaper Bissell deep cleaner before we received this Bissell Deluxe Pet Upright Deep Cleaner, so we can truly appreciate how amazing this newer machine is.

    The first thing that we noticed right away is that there are completely separate compartments for the carpet solution/water and the soiled solution that gets soaked out of your carpet. This is a huge improvement on our old one that had one plastic container for both liquids. The old container was huge and the dirty liquid was sucked into a plastic bag inside the container with the clean liquid. This made it hard to tell when you needed more clean solution or when it needed to be emptied. It also made it messy and difficult to empty and was just an overall pain (note: you actually had to place your hand over a spout that leaked dirty liquid out and run to the sink with my old one. Disgusting). This newer design makes it so easy. The clean liquid is a smaller individual container, so it is easier to lift out and quick to refill. When you are done, you empty out the separate dirty liquid container by lifting it out, taking the lid off and dumping. So much easier and less strain on your back (due to fewer trips to empty/fill liquid and lighter containers).

    This Bissell also has a really neat feature where you can lift the carpet cleaner off of the vacuum stand and carry it around. This makes it much easier to get furniture or stairs clean. You can also leave the system in tact and use attachments for cleaning furniture, stairs and hard to reach areas.

    Another thing that we noticed was that this carpet cleaner is much more powerful and does a better job of sucking up the liquid from the carpet. This may be due to the dual brushes. This Bissell makes quick work out of a previously disgusting and difficult job.

    I would definitely recommend this Bissell DeepClean Lift-Off Deluxe Pet Upright Deep Cleaner especially if you have pets or children and often have carpet messes. I have witnessed firsthand how much better a nice carpet cleaner is versus a cheap carpet cleaner and the extra money is completely worth it.

  5. I have had Bissell's Little Green Multi-Purpose Compact Deep Cleaner, 1400-7 for several years and found it great for removing dirt trapped deeply in the carpet without too much effort, although it is intended for small area, spot jobs. For larger area and entire room cleaning, you will need its big brother: DeepClean Lift-Off Deluxe Pet Upgright Deep Cleaner 24A4. In this review, I will use 24A4 to refer to this machine.

    Large or small, these machines work pretty much the same way - hot water + detergent + powerful mechanical brushing motion + strong suction to remove dirt and water = clean carpet.

    You add 2 ounces of Bissell 2X formula to the tank holding hot tap water and then the cleaning can begin. The solution is kept hot by the heat from the cleaner's motor.

    For best result, because the cleaning solution needs some time to penetrate into the carpet after it is sprayed onto the carpet from the spray tips, I would only trigger the spray in the pullback arm motion but not in the push forward arm motion, as the latter would cause the cleaning solution to be immediately sucked back into the machine before it has time to get into the carpet. This is a waste of the cleaning solution.

    I typically spray about six strips of cleaner width paths before I begin the back and forth cleaning motion, as by this time, the solution has had time to soak in, so that better cleaning action can take place.

    Although no "rinsing" is recommended by Bissell, after finishing the whole area to be cleaned, I use clean water to go through the entire carpet again. The sucked up water may still be dirty, indicating that additional cleaning may be necessary.

    The 24A4 is actually two machines in one. It can be operated in the upright and the portable spot cleaning modes. In the second mode, it operates in similar fashion to Bissell's Little Green machine. Both modes performed well in my test, and I highly recommend it.

  6. Travis Nicholson29 November 2011 06.32

    I have a two story house and I always wanted to get one of the green machines since it is so hard to clean the stairs with our old steam cleaner. Well my old Hoover gave up the ghost when we moved last year so I thought this would be a perfect replacement. Normally when you buy something dual purpose you get a product that is substandard in both areas. This does a great job on my normal carpets and it is a great product for the stairs or spot cleaning too. I'm happy I made the decision to try this out, I have normally only have purchased Hoover products but since my last Hoover broke on me I was open to other brands. I'm glad I took the plunge.

  7. We had a water line break in the bathroom in the middle of the night. Woke up the next morning to 1/2 of my downstairs flooded. Thank god it was downstairs and not upstairs.

    Carpet was SOAKED. Like Rice patty in a rainstorm kind of soaked. We called the insurance company to get a water damage mitigation team rolling. They couldn't make it out until the afternoon. However, I did NOT want my carpet to de-laminate so getting it dry as possible asap was priority.

    We just moved into this house from an apartment and we had this Bissell unit on our to-buy list with income tax, but it looked like it was time to step up the plan a bit. I started moving our stuff out of the flooded areas (3/4 of our 15x15 gameroom, a short hallway and 1/2 our 15x20 living room) and the wife heads to the local wally world to see if she can find this unit. 20 minutes later she's back with the big box.

    We get the machine assembled (took about 10 minutes) and read over the instructions, very straight forward, and commence to pulling water out of our carpet. And let me tell you, pull water out of our carpet it DID! Over the next 5-6 hours we pulled no less than 60 gallons of water out of our carpet. Unfortunately it was a 1/2 gallon at a time because that's about the capacity of the tank, but it did a wonderful job. In fact, by the time the water mitigation team showed up we had the top carpet relatively dry. They ran their big industrial water extractor machine over the carpet and couldn't pull up a drop. They actually thought the flooding wasn't that bad until they started pulling up the padding and saw that was still soaked.

    Without a doubt this little machine saved our carpet. 4 days later after the industrial fans and 2 giant dehumidifiers from the clean up team are gone we had a carpet installer team come out to lay down new padding, stretch and re-install the carpet. Once they were done I broke out the vacume and the deep cleaner again, but this time with the cleaning solution to give the whole carpet a once over. It worked beautifully. Our carpet is pretty good quality so I figured it would bounce back well, but after a good cleaning it looks brand new, almost like the day it was installed.

    My biggest and honestly only complaint is the size of the tanks. I know this is a lift-off machine so it has to be light and have small tanks, but the 1/2 gallon tanks are a big ridiculous. For my 15x20 living room I had to refill the tank no less than 11 times.

    Other than that though, this machine seems to be rock solid. I highly recommend it.

  8. We have four dogs and foster for a local rescue so a shampooer/cleaner is a must as accidents happen. For comparison we also have a Bissell Pro Heat II and a Spot Bot.

    When we saw this we decided to try it. Set-up and assembly only took less than 10 minutes, only four screws to attach the handle to the base unit. One note, the screws have to go upward at an angle and you have to twist about 10 times before you are sure the screw is actually in the hole, takes about 20 turns to tighten.

    First thing I noticed is the tanks are bigger than the Pro Heat (the unit came with a sample of both carpet cleaner and spot treatment), a really big waste tank. Second thing is this is a big heavy machine and is a little hard to maneuver. Also this machine is loud. The on/off switch is on the detachable liftoff "pod" as Bissell calls it so you do have to bend over to turn it on.

    As for cleaning, first is the solution/water tank is flat on the bottom so you can just place it in the sink and start the tap and open the cleaning solution, unwind the cord, whatever. There is a separate tank for waste water unlike the Pro Heat which had the two tanks in the same unit with a separator, this is much easier to use. The cleaner did a great job, you can really see the difference on a light colored carpet. Left carpet a little damp but really about the same as any other shampooer. Carpet was dry to touch in about 3 hours. One thing to be careful of is the brush attached to side of the liftoff (big red brush in the picture) sticks out from the machine about 1 inch and if you are right next to wall it will rub against it. Six ounces of Bissell 2X solution did a master bedroom (15x15) and a smaller one (12x12). This is about the same as the Pro Heat.

    One advantage of this over the Pro Heat is the tanks easily remove for refill or emptying. Also seems to handle any left over dog hair better by not getting stuck in the rollers, though we do vacuum before shampooing.

    The liftoff pod is held on by a latch that can be easily released by foot. It does a good job, one thing we used it on was our dog's beds and it did a good job. The big advantage of the Spot Bot is you can place it over the stain, turn it on, and walk away.

    While it seems I've mentioned a lot of "cons" this is the best shampooer we have had. While it does have the liftoff pod I still believe that if you have pets a Spot Bot is still a necessity since it is so easy to use for a spot problem, but this unit with the liftoff is easier to use on stair, for example, and seems to have more power.

    Overall, as stated, best we have used.

  9. Stanley Ferguson27 Oktober 2013 10.32

    We have been using Bissell's Big Green Machine for a couple of years. The cleaning is at the professional level. The machine is well built and has given us no problems. This smaller two-part cleaner is easier to maneuver and the detachable unit makes cleaning stairs less of a chore. Sure, you will need to do the scrubbing yourself, but that is not that big a deal. (The turbo brush that is sold separately is a nice option, but hand brushing yields better results.)

    Cleaning with this unit using Bissell's own detergents was as good as with the big machine. Building quality is excellent and the machine is likely to last for years.