Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

Belts for Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil DEVIL 1116214000 STYLE

Dirt Devil DEVIL 1116214000 STYLE

I wasn't sure this was right at all. Looked at reviews, already own a Windtunnel and Platinum by Hoover (read Consumer Reports, you'll understand), and never imagined I get so frustrated with the hair of 3 dogs and a cat that I'd spend the $$ for a vacuum cleaner.

Well, it's staying. I am impressed, to say the least. It picks up that much pet hair very efficiently, without the roller bar just stopping mid-vacuum due to hair wrapped around it. Sure some does wrap around, but it's so easy to pull out; so-o-o much easier than the Hoovers.

Cons: It is heavy for people with little hands or hand strength problems. At least at first it was, but less so now. But it's not a lightweight vacuum cleaner. But the motor must weigh a bit to do such a good job. I think too that I tried to hard at first to make it turn--I just didn't need to put so much force in it. It takes a corner easily, without much force.

I'd say, if on the fence like I was, give it a try and save the box it ships in just in case you want to return it. But I think you'll keep it.

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