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Awesome Cleaning!

Bissell 5207A BISSELL SpotClean

Bissell 5207A BISSELL SpotClean

My main reason for wanting to try the BISSELL SpotClean, 5207A was for cleaning upholstery. Once all of the kids left home, we found ourselves eating most meals in front of the tv, in the living room. OF course, no matter how care one is, spills happen. I also have pets. So with the combination of habit and house pets, spills and stains happen. I had been relying on the foamy spray bottle type cleaner that comes with a rubber brush attached. That was better than nothing, but it never quite did the job.

My first mission with BISSELL SpotClean unit was my recliner. The microfiber material has suffered its share of spills and splatters. Even though I am quick to do clean ups when they happen, there are often shadows of these spills left behind. I wasn't sure that anything would be up to the task of these older stains. Also, I expected using the BISSELL SpotClean, 5207A to be a big project and I have to say that I dreaded hauling it out and getting to it. I shouldn't have worried. The unit wasn't as heavy or awkward as I had feared. The removable tanks make filling the unit for use a snap, and eliminates the need to carry a heavy water filled unit from room to room.

I found that the cord was long enough so there was no hassle there, The cleaning attachment tool made it easy to reach most areas of the chairs, and it did a bang up job, even on the old shadows of stains. I have also used it on a few small spots on the area rugs, and found that the BISSELL SpotClean, 5207A did work as promised on these as well. I have used it with generic grocery store cleaners, and found that it works well with those as well.

All in all, I am pleased with BISSELL SpotClean, 5207A. So far it has performed as I had hoped. No one likes to do heavy cleaning, but when it is necessary I am grateful to have all the help I can get. This product works for me.

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  1. For the compact size this machine really gets the dirt out. I have two small boys who have left their mark on our furniture. I only used the deep cleaning attachment and there is a noticeable difference in the cleanliness of our couches. The SpotClean removed most stains that have been there for years and it also pulled out dog hair from a dog we haven't had in over two years. I was able to clean my couch and love seat with the sample product that was included in the box and still have product left over, a little bit goes along way.

    I was very pleased with the ease of use of this machine. The tanks are well marked with how much solution to use and it stops automatically when the dirty tank gets full. The SpotClean can easily handle stains on upholstery and carpet.

    I received this machine for free, but if purchased would have found GREAT value for the price.

  2. With five cats, our house provides plenty of opportunity to test out this small spot cleaner and what we saw was very impressive. The floors in our furnished basement are covered with nondescript beige wall-to-wall carpeting which shows off every imperfection and stain. We've used different products on them with varying degrees of success but a few stubbornly remained despite our efforts. My husband, skeptical but hopeful, used the Bissell SpotClean on one particularly prominent and well-established spot of unknown origin. Following the instructions, he filled the tank to the line with hot tap water and then with the included Bissell Spot and Stain formula and the (also included) Bissell Oxygen Boost. Within minutes and with very little effort, the spot had completely disappeared. The same was true for all the stains we tackled.

    The SpotClean is built for mobility. Its light weight and small size make it easy to tote around and its 15 foot cord allows a decent range before you have to go searching for an outlet. The trade-off is that the tanks are small and require more frequent filling and emptying but I prefer that to risking a hernia. If you require more comprehensive cleaning power, perhaps a larger machine is in order but if all you need is occasional superior spot cleaning ability, I highly recommend this little Bissell.

  3. Brian Contreras23 Desember 2010 05.32

    Length:: 9:59 Mins

    I really couldn't find anything to complain about with this cleaner (aside from their wanting to sell you their cleaning products, and warning you in the manual that if you don't use their products, you will unleash the 7 circles of doom and fire -- you know, standard "buy OUR stuff" boilerplate ^_- ), so the video just shows me walking you through setting the unit up, and then shows 2 test cases for spot cleaning.

    The first test case is in direct sunlight, and I think it came out OK, I did it in multiple takes, and I walk you through the steps as I am doing them. The second test case I did out of direct sunlight (I was worrying that the light levels were too high, and washing everything out), and I did it in one take, without talking much through it -- it does show the unit in action again though, so I included it as further evidence of the unit working.

    Overall, the unit is nice and small, works well, isn't too loud, assembles easily, and is easy to maintain and clean.

    5 stars.

  4. Kevin Valenzuela19 November 2011 12.32

    I have lived in my house for 3 years and have never had my carpets cleaned...gross, I know. Needless to say, my carpeted staircase was full of stains, spots, and who knows what else. I had low expectations that the Bissell spot clean could get 3 years of wear and tear out of my staircase, but I was BEYOND surprised to see that is got EVERYTHING out!!! My carpet literally looked brand new! It was amazing! It honestly felt like I was in a vacuum commercial as I ran the head of the SpotClean over the carpet. Every stain and slight discoloration came out. It was easy and FUN to use...because it works! I can't wait to use the Spot Clean on the rest of my house!!!!

  5. I have bought products for years this is my first review. I have never been more impressed by a product. At 4:30 this morning my son called to me saying he threw up, I won't go into details but the mess all over the carpeted floor was incredible. I bought the spot cleaner last week and hadn't even read the instructions but I knew I had to use it if I had any chance of cleaning the carpet. I quickly read the easy instructions and started cleaning the about 3 foot in diameter mess. Amazingly, it worked wonders, you can't even tell there was a mess there. I have since cleaned all the cat barf stains, the reason I bought it in the first place. AWESOME!

  6. I just got this spot cleaner and used to to clean a pretty large area of carpet it did great! It is light and portable and also able to store all of the attachments right there with the cleaner. Which will really help since I tend to lose those often. It was really easy to use. The only downside is that you have to empty the dirty tank often. I filled the clean tank up with the larger amount of water and cleaning solutions that is provides measuring lines for, and I had to empty the dirty tank a couple of times before all of the cleaning solution was gone.

    Nonetheless, with a chocolate lab and wall to wall carpeting the Spot Cleaner will get plenty of action! Definitely worth the buy.

  7. Length:: 2:36 Mins

    This is just like a regular carpet cleaner, but teensie tiny. It's great to have on hand for just cleaning up a few spots, which is usually all you need a carpet cleaner for, anyway. It's small enough to fit in any closet or laundry area, so you don't have to worry about storing a big cleaner.

    I really liked this. It's easy to use, and it's fun to use. It really only works for small spots, and it works very quickly for small spots. But if you had to clean a big area, like a regular room, it would probably take about eight hours to clean something of that size.

    It picks up the water really well, too. I definitely recommend this.

    +Just like a regular carpet cleaner, so if you've ever rented a carpet cleaner before, you'll know how to use this
    +The hot water fill is small, so you can fill it in any sink. With most carpet cleaners, the hot water fill is so big that you can only fill it out of the tub
    +You can use any brand of cleaner with this, even though the measurements show for official Bissell product. I often use just water for regular stains.
    +Small enough so that you can store it in any closet
    +Keeps very clean, and cleanup is simple
    +Comes with two brushes

    -Only good for a very tiny area
    -You have to keep emptying out the dirty water container, because the vacuum stalls if the dirty water gets more than an inch high