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Eureka Style Micro Lined Replacement Vacuum

Eureka Style Micro Lined Replacement Vacuum

There's really nothing to dislike, i.e. no "cons" that I've identified, about this product/ these products. They are exactly as described, and as prescribed by the manufacturer, for use with my Eureka upright vacuum.
Just one point I learned, by trial and error, that other users might find helpful: when attaching a new bag, I find it is easier to lay the vacuum down flat on the floor. This way I have less trouble slotting the cardboard paper bag collar into the slots on either side of the back ledge, while at the same time inserting the hose adapter (outlet) into the bag's collar. I hope this makes sense! But I think you'll find it clearer if you have the vacuum in front of you, with the bag cover off.
My personal experience is that similar, non micro-lined replacement vacuum bags aren't as efficient as the ones being reviewed.

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  1. We had just completed a major remodel and there was post-construction dust everywhere. The drywall dust was very fine and the name brand bags I had been using weren't able to pick it up effectively, but these were. We have hardwood and tile floors with area rugs in several rooms. In addition we have two dogs and there is dog hair everywhere, always. (!) These bags fit (I have The Boss) and perform well at an excellent price. In my house, that makes them a keeper. I will order again.

  2. William Clemons22 Oktober 2011 10.32

    These bags were a very nice surprise. They feel and work like a quality product. They fit great. The American company takes pride in their product. I hope this company starts making everything else I need to buy also :)

  3. Esther Hendricks15 November 2011 15.32

    Bags work great. Fit my Eureka well.
    Worked well with no problems. Easy to remove from vacuum cleaner. Would order again.

  4. Fits the vacuum very well. No dust escapes during vacuuming. Holds up to capacity and replaces easily.

    Good value.

  5. I ordered these on a whim because I was buying a new filter and belt for my Eureka boss vac. The bags work great, and I am very sensitive to dust. The bags fit tight on the exaust in the body. The interior of the vacuum is still clean after using 3 bags, so I assume no dust is leaking out from the bags.

    We had smoke from our neighbor's grill fill our guest room. We put down some powdered rug deordorizer, and my husband vacuumed it a few days later. The bag weighed a lot after vacuuming the powder, but the bag held up well and no leaks. So, I will be ordering these bags from now on.

    The shipping was average and no complaints.

  6. Winifred Daugherty11 Desember 2012 09.32

    I had been buying the 3M package of three RR bags at a big box hardware store for $8 and thought I would try these at less than a third of the cost for my Eureka Boss Smartvac. Well they are as good or better but don't come in the pretty box. You won't be disappointed and 10 bags will save you multiple trips to a store. And get this, I noticed that the bag said made in America. So I looked at the 3M box and it said made in China!!! To recap: Cheaper, as good or better, made in the USA and don't have to make a trip to the store.

  7. Maryanne Norton28 Desember 2012 10.32

    I bought these "generic" bags for our upright Eureka vacuum as the price was very reasonable for a pack of 10 bags. They work just as well as the original Eureka brand and cost a lot less! I've purchased several packs of these and are the only ones I use.