Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

My vacuum actually picks up dust again

BISSELL Style Replacement Belts 32074

BISSELL Style Replacement Belts 32074

The little 'bot works like a charm. We had a hot mess in our pool, lots of leaves (wind storm) and sudden algae bloom. In conjunction with chemicals and filtration, we ran the bot twice a day for about 3 hours because it was too cloudy to vacuum the regular way. I also bought a back up filter bag, so I could clean one, while the other was working. The bot is amazing, and by the time the water was clear, the bottom was clean.

Be prepared that even when you run this in a clean pool, any tiny dust that is too small for the filter bag to capture will blow up into your pool as the bot pushes water out. To deal with this, I use a sequence of running the bot, then running the filter for a bit afterwards to capture that fine cloud. Overall, running the filter far less than without the bot, and I feel the pool is cleaner. We'll see how it does when the heavy swim season arrives. I promise an update.

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