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Shark Navigator Professional Lift Away Cleaner

Shark Navigator Professional Lift Away Cleaner

I never leave reviews, but I was so amazed by this vacuum that I had to share!! I have a Kirby....which is a great vacuum...has many uses...but is very heavy and awkward. (and don't get me started on how much I paid for it!) I have a few friends who rant and rave over the Shark (they have the one that doesn't "lift away"). So, with positive reviews from friends and all of the positive reviews online, we decided to go with the Shark Pro. (we went with pro because of the extra attachments/tools).

Let me just start on the price. It's under $200. If you get it somewhere other than (kohls....bed, bath and beyond, etc you can probably get it cheaper because of coupons). I paid a lot for my Kirby...this is 1/4 of the price! It's totally worth the money. (and it has a 5 year warranty).

It's very light (compared to my's like a feather). It moves around the carpet nicely and without effort. There's no carpet levels to's either carpet or bare floor. It's easy to operate! The head is small, so it goes in smaller areas. The lift away feature is nice. I wish the hose was longer, but the the canister sits nicely on the steps, so I think I'll be ok!

What really sold me on the Shark was this...before my husband got home with it, I vacuumed our living room twice with the kirby. He got home, we set it up in a few minutes and tested it. I vacuumed the whole living room again. It pulled up sand (we live in my kids haven't played in the sand box for at least a month now!) and a pile of hair/dust that was unbelievable. I was truly shocked by what my old vacuum missed. It wasn't like we had a cheap vacuum...I am sold on the Shark! I'll recommend it to anyone. I took a picture of the pile of dust and I'm showing it to everyone! I wish I could post it on here. You won't regret this purchase!!

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  1. I'm looking to clean the carpet in my apartment m, and I am debating on whether I should rent a carpet shampooer or buy one. Let me know if you have any suggestions on a good one please. Also looking to buy a new vacuum does anyone have have a cheap good one they recommend