Jumat, 08 April 2011

I finally found my Vacuum!

Panasonic MC CG902 Canister Cleaner Burgundy

Panasonic MC CG902 Canister Cleaner Burgundy

OK, here's my story. I had a Kenmore canister nearly identical to this Panasonic. I loved it. Eventually, the wire that connects the wand to the carpet cleaning unit no longer made a working connection. It seemed to me to be a design flaw. The newer Kenmore vacs rerouted the connecting wire, most likely to prevent the separation of the main wire over time. Anyhow, I thought that I'd never buy another canister designed this way because of the wire, but after looking at what the stores had to offer for canisters and the prices, I decided to purchase the same design over again. I really did give the Kenmore a run for its money. As it turns out, the Panasonic parts are interchangeable with the Kenmore. I plan to order Panasonic parts to fix the old Kenmore. On the flip side,and as I've read from other reviews, it's cheaper to use the Kenmore bags and filters over the Panasonic ones. Contrary to some reviews that I've read about the suction, the Panasonic works just fine. You just have to remember to make sure that the ring on the upper part of the wand is totally closed. The purpose of the adjustable ring is to decrease suction for vacuuming things like drapes. My dog sheds 24/7. He's a lab with furniture privileges. Fur is a fabric in this household. The Panasonic does a nice job of extracting the fur. I use the carpet unit on the furniture. I vacuum in several different directions and am pleased with the results. We have hardwood floors and area rugs. Not having to change the attachments when jumping from rugs to carpets is a nice feature too. Amazon had our vac delivered in two days. It was definitely brand new. Our vac was red. I didn't care what color it was, but the picture that I saw on the web site was burgandy. Good-luck Shoppers!

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  1. Far surpasses the many uprights and canisters we've used over the years. Terrific design with all the goodies one looks for in a vacuum cleaner for all uses. Amazon has selected the 'best of the litter' to offer its' customers at a great price.

  2. Chrystal Simmons14 Oktober 2011 11.32

    Purchase 4 weeks ago after reading consumer reports. This vacuum comes with all the attachments, along with light, hepa filter, floor/carpet switch, and height adjustment for carpet. This Panasonic works great on my hardwood floors and does just as well on my area rugs. Consumer reports gave an average rating for pet hair, but i have two dogs and it removes the hair just fine. Very easy to use, and gets underneath my furniture so i don't have to do much moving. Cord seems long enough, and is retractable. I love this vacuum, and compared to Miele, it was a fraction of cost.

  3. I was looking for a vacuum cleaner with attachments and lightweight. The Panasonic MC-CG902 cannister has both and easy to disconnect from the wand for other attachments. It is easy to pull around without getting disconnected from the cannister. I love the retractable electrical cord and being able to get under furniture and easily changing from carpet to floor cleaning. Also appreciate how quickly the shipment came and everything was in good order.

  4. The Panasonic MC-CG902 is good and has no issues with shag carpets. The Electrolux Oxygen seems to have a bit more air flow at least with a new bag. Time will tell which is the better vacuum cleaner. The MC-CG902 does have air flow control while the EL6988E does not. The EL6988E HEPA filter is 2x the size of the MC-CG902. The EL6988E bags are easily 1/2 the size of the C5 bag. The Electrolux appears to pickup better because of the narrower cleaning path and more air flow. Otherwise, very close.

    The order was shipped promptly and without issues.


  5. Roberto Pittman22 November 2012 10.32

    Prior to this canister vacuum purchase, I had owned only upright vacuums. My last one was a Kenmore Progressive upright that finally broke down after 10 years. We used to have wall to wall carpeting, but now we have laminate throughout the entire house except for the bedrooms. Consumer Reports gave this vacuum high marks and the price was at least $100 less than the other options. There are a lot of features that make this easy to use. I like being able to switch from bare floors to carpet right on the handle. I like the ability to manually adjust the height. It has strong suction and a low profile so it can fit underneath the bed. It's easy to maneuver and very light. Tools are onboard and very easy to switch out. Tools can be attached close to the handle or on the end of the long wand to reach high areas. It's relatively quiet compared to my old vacuum, which used to bother my kids' ears. Lastly, the power nozzle can be hooked onto the base so it can stand upright. It doesn't take up much more space than my old upright, but what a more effective machine!

  6. I have a very good upright cleaner but the canister that came with it was terrible. So I needed something for my steps and furniture.
    This vacuum is perfect. I love that the control switch is on the handle so that you don't have to bend down every time you want to turn it off or switch from carpet to floor settings. It does a great job on tile and hardwood and can get to the places my upright cannot.
    It is light enough and it moves smoothly around after me. And I was very impressed with the quality of the tools.
    It has a power nozzle which I probably won't use except when my upright is in the shop for its yearly tuneup. It will be nice to have it as a backup then.
    I also love the retractible cord.