Rabu, 20 April 2011

Works as Described

Vacmaster VFDB Count Gallon Dust

Vacmaster VFDB Count Gallon Dust

We purchased these bags for the first time in May 2001. I installed a bag and thought it worked OK. (I did not throw the former bags, not Hoover bags, out.) The next time the bag needed changing the lady who cleans the house (unbeknown to us) installed the bag we had been using previously. My wife who is very sensitive to house dust recognized the difference. After a very short time my wife said she could smell the dust when the vacuum cleaner was in use. I changed the bag in our vacuum back to a Hoover bag and the probem was cured. While not very scientific, it convinced us. I have thrown the other bags away.
Additional Comment:
Because of the small particles that are trapped in the bag, I take the vacuum outside to remove the filled bag. This prevents these particles from escaping back into the air in the house.

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5 komentar:

  1. I really like th bag. It works fine; it fits fine;
    Durable, and nicely built; Easy to clean.
    I'll likely order more.

  2. ThIs was one of two places I found this product. And it was the least expensive by far! I've already ordered more and will continue to get them here.

  3. Alexis Donaldson23 Oktober 2012 08.32

    These bags work well, making it very convenient to keep the inside of the vacuum clean. I only wish they were cheaper.

  4. I used one of these bags with my VacMaster VF408 and it worked just fine.
    Although I have used my VacMaster without bags, I think for cleaning my basement, having a bag is desirable.
    My basement is "antique", dusty and designed to always be a basement.
    I hope that Amazon will also offer the 4 gallon bags in larger quanties for those of us who are fans of
    VacMaster VF408.