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The Dyson DC40 is a fantastic machine.

Dyson DC40 Upright Accessories Bundle

Dyson DC40 Upright Accessories Bundle

Five years ago, I bought an Electrolux canister vacuum (model EL 7055A) after agonizing about wanting a Dyson. Dyson seemed to be a lot about marketing and flash, so I was unsure about spending so much money on something that maybe just looks pretty. The Electrolux had very good reviews in allergy/asthma sufferer forums regarding its performance and HEPA filter, so I went with the Electrolux instead.

Fast forward 5 years. I was in need of a new vacuum cleaner. The Electrolux sucked well and has still not lost suction, but the controls were poorly designed and they became non-functional within the first year, so I have not been able to control any of the settings (carpet height adjustor, suction power, etc.). I was also getting tired of its heavy weight. I decided to spend the big bucks on a Dyson.

I looked online and immediately became confused at the differences between all the Dyson models. Just reading the descriptions was not enough for me to discern any huge difference between the models. All I wanted was a vacuum cleaner that sucks well. I wasn't looking for a lot of bells and whistles, so the small differences in the models were lost on me.

So I decided to go to Best Buy and see them out of the box. I'm glad to have looked at the different Dyson models side by side. I was primarily looking at the DC41, DC40, and DC33. Out of the 3 models, I was immediately drawn to the DC40 because of its smaller size and lighter weight compared to the DC41 and DC33.

I've been using it for 2 months now, and I am happy with both performance and maneuverability. After I opened up the Dyson box, I first vacuumed with my Electrolux, then vacuumed again with the DC40. The Dyson did not pick up too much more dust. To be fair, the next time I vacuumed, I started with the Dyson then vacuumed again with the Electrolux. The Electolux also did not pick up too much dust. Both vacuums seem to have good suction. I am neither over- nor underwhelmed with the suction. It does its job.


It sucks at least as well as (if not better than) my previous Electrolux which has very good suction, so I have no complaints in this department.

The DC40 is the smallest and lightest of the vacuums I have owned (other than handhelds). I don't dread vacuuming the stairs anymore. It stores very easily and doesn't take up a whole lot of space in the closet, even for an upright.

Although some reviews note that it takes getting used to, I've liked the ball since the very first time I used it. The DC40 swivels nicely and more naturally...I don't have to move my whole body to change the direction of the vacuum. It did not take getting used to at all.

Because the cleaner head is on the small side compared to other vacuum cleaners I've owned, it seems to get to corners and edges better. It also gets under cabinets nicely (the ball does not get in the way of cabinets).

I've used the stair tool that comes in the box with the DC40 that attaches to the wand (hose). However, I find that the DC40 is light enough that I can vacuum the stairs without using the stair tool. For me, the swivel of the ball makes it much easier to maneuver on each step. Whether using the main cleaner head or the stair tool, vacuuming the stairs has become much easier. It takes much longer to vacuum with the stair tool because it's much smaller than the main cleaner head.

It works well on carpets, tile, and hardwood flooring.

Unlike many other vacuum cleaners, the DC40 ships with only 2 tools...stair tool and a combination tool. If you don't care for accessories and misplacing them all the time, this is a plus.


Because the ball is quite large, it does not get under my couches and beds. That's the biggest drawback of the DC40 for me. I use my old Electrolux to get under furniture.

Granted my Electrolux QuietClean canister has a reputation for being a relatively quiet machine, so perhaps I'm spoiled, but the DC40 is quite loud in comparison.

The accordion part of the wand is pretty stiff in my experience. Hopefully it gets looser with age...right now, I have to keep tugging at the wand to make it expand and stretch. Plus I wish the accordion/hose was longer. When doing baseboards with the narrow combination tool that attaches to the wand, the vacuum stands too close to me because of the shortness of the hose/wand, and I don't have as much elbow room as I'd like. I wish Dyson would make a longer hose/wand that attaches to the original wand for people that want a little more length.

The cord wraps around vertically behind the canister. For the high price tag and stylish design, I wish they'd find a way to incorporate a retractable cord. The manual-wrap cord is both a little retro (not in a good way) and unsightly. My old Electrolux has a retractable cord which keeps it nicely out of the way and out of sight.

If you like using many different types of tools and attachments with your vacuum cleaner, you will need to buy them separately...and Dyson's accessories can get pretty pricey. Right now I've got my eyes on the multi-angle brush ($35) so I can get to my ceiling fans.



You can read about all the differences and features between Dyson models online, but it's really best to see the product in person. Hold it and move it around if possible. There are so many national chains that carry Dyson nowadays that it shouldn't be too difficult to find display models. The difference in weight between the models was a lot more noticeable than I expected when I tried them out at Best Buy. Walk around the store with it. Lift it up as you would on the stairs. Release the wand and see how you like the feel.


Don't forget to wash the filter! The user manual recommends washing the filter every month, which I've done so far. This seems to be an important part of Dyson maintenance...I've owned a Dyson handheld for 4 years and the motor blew out after 2 years because I had never washed the filter (For the handheld, filter washing is recommended once every 3-6 months). I hardly ever used the handheld so I didn't think that it would be an issue (the filter was not even that dirty when I took them out). But when I called customer support, they said that not washing the filters basically blew out the motor.


Empty the canister in a deep, relatively empty trash can. The first time I emptied a bagless vacuum canister into a half-full trash can, I got a puff of dust cloud all around the trash can. This is not unique to the Dyson, it will happen with bagless vacuum cleaners in general. Not fun.


As others have noted, the DC40 has some trouble sucking up large-ish pieces. It tends to "push" these pieces around. I can confirm that it has trouble sucking up Cheerios pieces that my toddler drops on carpet/tile/hardwood. That's not due to the suction which is more than powerful enough to handle Cheerios, but due to the design of the cleaner head. As I don't normally have large pieces on the floor, and I primarily use it to pick up small particles and dust, this has not been an issue for me. I've also found that the Cheerios pieces get picked up when I back the vacuum cleaner up to it rather than pushing at it from the front.

Vacuuming has become a lot more "fun" than before, and I am quite happy with the purchase. I contemplated giving the Dyson DC40 a 4-star rating because of its inability to vacuum under my couches and beds due to the large size of the ball. However, I am giving it 5 stars because despite that flaw, it is still the best vacuum cleaner I've ever owned / used.

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  1. I have scoffed at my friends who spend way to much money on Dysons because they're just cute and trendy but I went to the store the other day to pickup yet another vacuum cleaner bag and somehow came home with the Dyson DC40 Ball Upright. First let me say that I hate upright vacuum cleaners. We have one and it is heavy, I can't do stairs, I can't carry it easily from upstairs to down, etc. It can't clean under anything because it's too big. It is a decent vacuum cleaner that we spent over $300 so I figure it cleans pretty well but I don't vacuum much because it's such an ordeal to use.

    So home I come with a $500 Dyson upright chosen because its carpet beater is belt driven (my requirement) and because it was surprisingly light. I was ready for hubby to flip out over the price but we use it on a recently vacuumed floor. First, it is so light, it barely feels like you're doing anything or that it's even sucking that hard. But up comes the most amazing quantity of dust and fur I've ever seen. So it goes, room after room. The kids even use it with ease. I've never liked bagless because dust flies everywhere and they are a pain to empty. Not this one - no dust whatsoever and no smell - I always get an old dusty smell when I use my bagged upright.

    And emptying it is so so so easy. Just shove it deep into the trash can, push the button so the flap drops open and shake it around. It's so lightweight and maneuverable I can easily vacuum around curves, slip it in between furniture legs and under stuff. It's even light enough that I can do the stairs with it. This is a truly amazing vacuum cleaner. I love that all the tools have a place on board (I never know where my crevice tool is) and it is very easy to switch to the tools. Which reminds me, I don't think I need the crevice tool - This is the first vacuum I've had that really picks up edge to edge. You won't clean all the way to the wall if you head straight at it but if you go sideways against the wall, it even gets stuff out of the crack between the carpet and the baseboard. Worth every penny! This is an upright I love to own.

    I would have bought the Dyson canister because canisters are my favorite especially because of retractable cord. However, the beater was air driven and as soon as it hit the carpet, it lost power and that is a pet peeve of mine with air driven beaters. I also considered the Animal version but didn't want to spend another $100 plus it was heavier.

    1. Lightweight
    2. Maneuverable
    3. Good cord length
    4. Awesome edge to edge cleaning
    5. Picks up an amazing amount of invisible hair and dirt - and proves it since you can see everything in the clear container.
    6. Very easy to empty, just takes a few seconds.
    7. No old dirt smell when vacuuming
    8. All tools store on board
    9. Easy to switch to tool use
    10. 5 year warranty
    11. No bags or filters to buy

    1. Price
    2. Price
    3. Ouch - Price

  2. So far I've been extremely pleased with the DC 40. It picked up cat hair I did not know was even there. Everything is self contained in the wand and attachments are easy to use. Maneuverability is also fantastic. Only time will tell.

  3. Let me start by saying I was already a proud owner of a Dyson DC15 which we were quite happy with and had been using for years. Due to some accidental damage, I was in the market for a new one. After reading the few reviews available for the DC40 (all were good), I decided to go for it.

    The Good...

    First, assembly. It was pretty easy to put together. The instructions were just pictures, and it took about 20-25 minutes from the time I started opening the box to the time I plugged it in.

    Next, operation. The vacuum is much quieter than my DC15 was. You can still carry on a conversation if you need to while this thing is running. The ball design still works great, and this one is more agile than my DC15 was. I think this is due to how light the vacuum is. This thing is very light. The suction is the same as DC15 was (great), so no complaints there. It's very good.

    Finally, what really matters: My wife loves this thing. It's very easy for her to carry it up and down the stairs, again because it's so light and compact.

    The Bad...

    The power cord is too short. They should have given it an extra 10 feet. Also, it takes a little getting used to taking it from the off/upright position to the on/ready to vacuum position. You just sort of pull it down whereas with the DC15 you had to use your foot to hold it while sort of pulling up on the handle. I've gotten used to the new way, but it feels a little odd. I think this won't bother me after I get used it.

    So to sum it up, this is an excellent vacuum. It's a bit pricey, but I'd buy it again if given the choice.

  4. Antoinette Morrow19 Oktober 2012 15.32

    This is my second Dyson, the first was given away after 6 years of 2-3x weekly use. I've been ordering off the internet for 15 years and this has to be the best packaged product I ever seen. Unboxing and setup took 10 minutes. The instructions are not the best, so I went to Youtube. Pushing this vacuum is almost effortless and you can do a whole house and not get shoulder soreness. My favorite feature is going from carpet to floor without hitting any additional buttons. The weight is light enough for one handed lift up stairs. It rounds corners very well. The attachments and hose can go many places. It is slim, light, and makes you want to vacuum. Emptying the cannister is simple and I like to see what it picks up, something you can't do with bags. The price is rather steep and can turn many off. However, if you want the most advanced, coolest, warranty backed cleaning machine, I highly recommend this Dyson or any Dyson. You will get over the price the first use.

  5. We have two Dyson Vacuums in the household, so we are familiar with the quality of this brand. We purchased the third Dyson to cover the second level. However, the DC40 is so light, powerful, and fun to use that it visits both levels. More surprisingly, our young preteen girls have been seen vacuuming, with a smile on their faces. Great machine. The ball turning design is ingenious.

  6. Wow. Just amazing! I have 4 dogs. And a doggie door. A boxer, Doberman , Boston Terrier and a mutt. They run in and out the house all day long! My house is all tile. I have NEVER been able to keep it clean. Tried so many different things, but walking bare footed around the house I could still feel the fine dirt on my feet. So- bought a Dyson DC 40, off EBay, wrapped and in the box for $379. It was a big deal for me to spend that much even on a vacuum because they've never worked good. So, I have been using it, and man oh man does it clean my floors! It's even fun to use!! I'm so impressed, I'm thinking about buying one for my mother. Before my Dyson, if my husband even THOUGHT about buying me a vacuum cleaner as an anniversary or birthday present, I'll admit I would be pretty upset. However -of I would have gotten this Dyson- I would be crazy happy!

  7. Replaced our Hoover wind tunnel with this vacuum. Had recently vacuumed our carpet when the Dyson machine arrived. Assembly was very easy and it was amazing how much dust and debris the Dyson machine picked up. It is so lightweight and the dyson ball gets around corners easily. I would rate this product six stars if I could.

  8. This is a fantastic machine. I have had it for about 2 weeks so I cannot comment on durability, but so far it is
    living up to all the buzz. The DC40 seems to be the new (2012) version of the DC25. The main advantages are

    - Powerful
    - Lightweight
    - Compact
    - Quiet

    The power of this machine is amazing. We had vacuumed with an older machine and then went over the
    same carpet with the Dyson. The canister for the dirt is transparent so you can see how much you extract.
    Wow! The amount of dirt that it pulled was incredible. Emptying the canister is easy and there are no bags
    to replace. I also like that it is small and light (15 lbs) so that it is very easy to move around and carry up and
    down the stairs. The cord is 25 feet long which is long enough for us. The main disadvantage of the Dyson
    is the price. We bought it with a 20% discount over Mother's day, but the price still seems high until I start to
    think about all that dirt that it pulls.